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6/2000 Well with the June contest behind me, I certainly found a bunch of problems around the station. The most disappointing was the 1296Mhz set up did not function. It was completed late Friday before the contest, and it appears to be a problem with one of the phasing lines or the flexible line leading to the main feedline. I think when the antennas are pulled down for repair, they will be finding a new home on a UPEC E-100 tower that is collecting dust. The mast shown on the garage side, was the first antenna structure installed here, and is only capable of 26' to the rotor. I will be putting up only 30' above the roof line plus mast, so that it will be free standing. This will put the 4 stack of 23CM22EZ's at 50-55 feet, and I will be adding a second 10 element yagi for 222Mhz at about 45 feet. This should also leave room for the future 906Mhz antennas.

9/2000 Well, now the September contest is behind me also, not much has changed since June test. A very hectic summer kept me busy and I was running around in the dark putting antenna's up. Nothing new, and I'm sure I wasn't alone. The 1296 station was running but did not seem up to snuff. I only managed 5 contacts into 3 grids. 2 stacked 22 element yagis at 35' with 7/8 heliax. 12.6 watts out of the 736R. I expected more. I guess more antenna's, more height, and bigger feed line. Maybe for Jan contest. Shown below is my claimed scores for June and September. After reviewing the results from January, I found I had placed 2nd in Wisconsin. As good as first against W0UC. Good job Paul.

The E100 tower is set and needs to be put up yet. Not a major set up, just attempting to get a little more height on the 222 stacks and 1296 stacks. This will also free up the other mast assembly for the satellite set up. Something to do when the band is dead!

For those that are interested, I will list my claimed score for the June and September of 2000 VHF contests

K9VHF single op low power June 2000
Frequency Valid QSO's pts/QSO QSO/pts. Mult/grids
50 MHZ 168 1 168 93
144 MHZ 78 1 78 24
222 MHZ 21 2 42 11
432 MHZ 37 2 74 16

Total all bands 304
362 144
Total claimed
52,128 pts.

K9VHF single op low power September 2000
Frequency Valid QSO's pts/QSO QSO/pts. Mult/grids
50 MHZ 63 1 63 26
144 MHZ 82 1 82 28
222 MHZ 30 2 60 17
432 MHZ 54 2 108 23
1296 MHZ 5 3 15 3

Total all bands 234
328 97
Total claimed
31,816 pts.

Thanks to everybody that gave me contacts, and allowed me to score so well with only limited operating time. I can't wait for the January contest to test the UHF stuff to its limits. 73 for now and good DX'n

Grounding system
This is a quick shot of my grounding system. I used a piece of type K copper and PVC fittings to stand off the assembly. This is tied to 2-8' copper clad ground rods, with 8' between them. The tops of the ground rods are burried approximately 14" One disadvantage I have found with the polyphasers is they will not pass 12VDC to your mast mounted preamps. Also very low power ratings at high freq's without custom ordering. We know they are expensive enough without that to!


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