This page is set up for information on how I am currently dealing with an unreasonable neighbor.

I recently received some rather rude phone calls about TVI. After the dust settled, I ended up visiting the home and reviewing the off air antenna system. This was done with a neutral party present, one of the other neighbors that has no TVI. After attempting all of the normal cures, ie: common mode chokes and HI- PASS filters, this had no effect on the TVI at all. This off air system was fed with coax to a 15db preamp. From that to a 4 way splitter. When the preamp was removed temporarily, the TVI cleared 100%. This fellows picture only slightly suffered on UHF ch. 58, there was no noticeable change on any other channels. After furthr review I concluded my signal, being stronger than the TV stations, was also being stepped up by his amplifier to the point the tuner was overloaded by my signal. I had thought I made my findings very clear to the owners, but they refuse to remove the amplifier as a compromise. With this amp in-line, I can't transmitt on 2 meters with 2-1/2 watts, without disturbing this guy. So I'm sure you can imagine what the rest of the bands will bring. With this preamp out of line, I can run 100 Watts on 6 meters with no TVI. All other bands are clear also. So don't think that finding the problem is always the cure. I gave this fellow the cure and he wants no part of it. To attempt to keep these folks from burning down my house, and turning the rest of the neighbors against me, I have ordered some notch filters for 2 and 6 meters. These are rated at 100db attenuation nominal with 60db minimum. These located before his preamp should attenuate my signal enough to keep the overload under control. Although this will only cure 2 and 6, I'm not sure if 60db is enough to handle the THUNDERBOLT 6N2. Heaven forbid I fire that up eh?

Update 03/22/2000 The long awaited K1UHF notch filters arrived. I contacted my neighbor and installed them at the input to his TV amplifier. I did not test run them because if they don't work, I have no other attack plan. Thinking I may have this under control, I checked into the local 2 meter SSB net. Transmitting with 50 watts to my stacked HO loops at 70 feet. Tonight a new neighbor I have never met before beat on my door and told me to "stop whatever it is your doing, it is messing up my picture." I guess I don't like being told what to do on my own property! Needless to say, this guy sais he's not changing or doing anything at his house. Told me he does not have to. I explained if he did not want me to look at it and see if there is something that could be done, there was nothing I could do. Also told me he will be going door to door to all of the neighbors to see who is having problems with me! Nice way to meet your neighbors eh? Also threatened that he had the phone# for the FCC. I told him to use it. He also has inline amplifier and is about 1/8 Mi. in distance. FUN FUN!!!

8/2000 I recently had a rather pleasant experience with my next door neighbor. I was not aware that he was having TVI problems, and had stopped by the other evening. I explained what I thought was happening and offered to try some corrective measures. He agreed. The next day I called him and asked if he would like a tour of the shack before looking into the problem. I explained a little about my operation and amateur radio. At his home I found a distribution amplifier hooked to many splitters. We reduced the number of splits to just the TV's he was using and I saw some improvement in the picture. This did reduce the many feed lines laying open to the system also. Unfortunately there was still an improvement in the picture when the distribution amp was turned on. Needless to say, I wasn't gonna get away with leaving it out of line. I installed a common mode choke on the power feed and line from the antenna. I also installed a set of K1UHF notch filters for 144.200 and 50.125. After testing with yagis pointed over his house, there was only a slight flicker at 1 channel on 2 meters. I beleive it may be dirty output from the MFJ amp. Well, he is pretty close also. May possibly be getting into TV itself.

8/2000 After word got out, another neighbor, in fact 1 of 2 I have ever met, asked if I could help him out. I certainly agreed to review his off air system. Again, finding a distribution amp. I terminated an open port on a splitter, installed common modes and notch filters. I will check back with him to see how it has worked out. I have tested at several locations around my neighborhood, and these distribution amps always are the source of my problem. When removed, the pictures suffer slightly but the TVI is gone. We are smack between 2 off air broadcast area's. Both are about 45-55 miles away. Weak signals are normal here. The battle continues!!


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