DM&IR #91

Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range, Class "S-6", 0-10-0 #91

Taken Two Harbors, Minn. 5/28/52.

Originally #91 of Duluth Missabe & Northern Class S-6. Built by Baldwin, 1928, C/N 60263.

#91 retained by D.M.& I.R.

When built by Baldwin in 1928, the four S-6's (#90-93) were the heaviest and most powerful switching locomotives world wide. The tender boosters as originally built added more tractive force than the hardly believable 86,000 lb. already available but were later removed because of troublesome maintainence problems. When not being used for switching operations, they were at times used on transfer runs on the Proctor hill.

Cylinders = 28" x 30", Driver Dia. = 57", Wt. = 352,250 lb. Tr. Force = 86,000 lb.

Sold for scrap,1958

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