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Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range Locomotives as of the early 1950's

All Photos by Larry Bohn

of Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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Locomotives in service

2-8-0 #194 Locomotives were easy to observe at Two Harbors as the Rail yards are 2-8-0 #1219 bordered by a public park. Good photography , however, was a bit more 4-6-2 #1107 difficult as plain clothes railroad men policed the area and immediately 2-8-2 #1306 apprehended anyone who even looked as though he was going to set foot on 2-10-2 #503 railroad property to get a closer shot. They were very polite but very 2-10-4 #710 adamant about not allowing anyone to cross onto Railroad property. 2-10-4 #711 Proctor was another matter. As the public was not close by the 2-8-8-4 #220 round house, no one policed the area and if one wore bib overalls 2-8-8-4 #222 (preferably reasonably worn and not spotlessly clean), and topped 2-8-8-4 #227 the whole thing off with a hard hat, it made you more or less 2-8-8-4 #233 invisible and you could move about at will, either inside or out in the 0-10-0 #91 yards where you could get whatever photo angle you wished.

Locomotives in Ready Storage

0-10-2 #607 The Locomotives in ready storage were spotlessly maintained. 2-8-2 #1323 Most of them looked as though they had just left the paint shop 2-10-2 #507 within the last 15 minutes. The only things they lacked were the 2-10-4 #711/#707 sights, sounds, smells, and warm feelings of a hot engine 2-8-8-2 #209 ready to go.

Locomotives in Dead Storage

0-8-0 #88 Locomotives in dead storage looked much like dead locomotives 2-8-0 #193 on any other railroad. Missing parts, parts hanging loose, and rust 4-6-2 #400 were evident on most of them. Although most were obviously ready 2-8-8-2 #202 for scrapping, it is possible that a few were waiting to be re-shopped. 2-8-8-2 #207

Locomotives on Display

2-6-0, 3 Spot 3 Spot was prominately displayed at the Two Harbors Depot. 2-8-0 #347 #347 was freshly painted at the Museum of Mining, Chishom, Minn. More on Steam Locomotives

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