DM&IR #711

Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range, Class "E-5", 2-10-4 #711

Taken Proctor, Minn. May, 28, 1952.

On the ready track, prepared to hold back a train of loaded ore cars going down the 2.2% grade to the Duluth ore docks and return the emptys, several times during its shift. Built by Baldwin,c/n 64154 in 1941 for the Bessemer and Lake Erie RR. as #635. In 1951, it, along with the rest of B&LE's 2-10-4's, was shifted to DM&IR where it was classified E-5 and renumbered #711. DM&IR,B&LR, Union, and EJ&E railroads were all owned by U.S.Steel inc. so shifting all steam to one railroad, which already had excellent steam shopping facilities, made a lot of sense as U.S.Steel gradually Dieselized.

Cylinders = 31" x 32", Driver Dia. = 64", Wt. = 519,740 lb. Tr. Force = 90,900 lb.

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