DM&IR #220

Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range, Class "M-3", 2-8-8-4 #220

Taken Proctor, Minn. May,1958.

By 1958 the Yellowstones were living on borrowed time. Never-the-less they were kept in impeccable shape even then, as this photo of DM&IR's first of its class clearly attests. Note that the cabs, bay window for winter operation is in place yet even though spring is well advanced.


Built by Baldwin, 1941, C/N 62526.

Cylinders =4- 26" x 32", Driver Dia. = 63", Wt. = 695,040 lb. Tr. Force = 140,000 lb.

For more data on the Yellowstones, see # 233.

Sold for scrap,1962

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