DM&IR #227

Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range, Class "P", 4-6-2 #400

Taken Proctor, Minn. 5/28/52.

While D.& I.R. got along with only 4 Pacifics for passenger service, Duluth Missabe and Northern had only 3. #400-402 were built by Baldwin, 1913, C/N 39877-79. They were slightly heavier than the D.& I.R. "A's" with larger cylinders and more tractive force. Standing on the storage tracks across the turntable from the round house in apparent working order with extra flags still flying, it was not clear whether #400 had reached the end of her working days or was merely resting while waiting scheduled maintenance.

Number retained by, D.M.& I.R.

Cylinders = 25" x 28", Driver Dia. = 69", Wt. = 245,700 lb. Tr. Force = 38,800 lb.

Sold for scrap,1959

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