DM&IR #202

Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range, Class "M", 2-8-8-2 #202

Taken Procter, Minn. May 28, 1952.

Original series #200-207 Duluth, Missabe and Northern Ry. Built by Baldwin, 1910, C/N 35167. Although it has been modernized to the extent that it has a top mounted Elesco feedwater heater, (the mounting location behind the stack is unusual to say the least.), Superheater and Mechanical stoker, it was never rebuilt from compound to simple as were most of the other "M's".The 40 inch low pressure cylinders were even larger than the Norfolk & Western "Y" class 2-8-8-2's with a whopping 1256.5 square inches of piston surface as compared to N. & W. "Y" class of 11945. Within a year after this photo was taken, #202 met the scrappers torch.

D.M.& I.R. retained #202.

Cylinders = 26" & 40" x 32", Driver Dia. = 57", Steam Pressure = 200 psi.

Evaporative surface,= 6883 sq. ft. Grate area= 84 sq. ft.

Wt. on Drivers = 460,600 lb. Engine Wt. = 448,100 lb. Tr. Force = 91,000 lb.

Tender loaded = 171,900 lb. Coal = 16 tons, Water 9,000 Gal.

Sold for scrap,1953

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