Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range 2-8-0 #194

Taken Two Harbors, Minn. 5/11/51

Originally #94 of Duluth & Iron Range. Built by Baldwin C/N 25783, 1905.

Renumbered #194, D.M.& I.R.

When turned out by Baldwin in 1905, this batch of eight consolidations had slide valves and Stephenson valve gear and were stricktly hand fired. Although the engines were modernized with piston valves and Baker valve gear, unless a stoker engine has been cleverly hidden in the tender of this one without a door for servicing it, it is still hand fired.

Cylinders = 22" x 28", Driver Dia. = 58", Wt. = 193,400 lb. Tr. Force = 37,600 lb.


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