DM&IR #1219

Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range, Class "K-1" 2-8-0 #1219

Taken Isabella, Minn. 5/12/51, 2:00 P.M.

Originally #219 of Duluth & Iron Range. Built by Baldwin C/N 34813, 1910.

Renumbered #1219, D.M.& I.R.

This trim consolidation has been fitted with all kinds of accessories to keep it modern as was usual policy with D.M.& I.R. Note that the air from the compressors is cooled by in line radiators rather than the older but more standard cooling pipes paralleling themselves under the running board. Air cleaners for the compressors are mounted high on the boiler to keep them above the dust level normally expected on an iron ore railroad. Like its bigger cohorts, the Air reservoirs are mounted above the boiler instead of under the running boards. The stoker engine showing its cylinder heads under the cab should make firing it a much less muscular job and the screen atop the stack should materially reduce the chance of forest fires on the route between Wales and Forest Center which was its normal run.

Cylinders = 22" x 28", Driver Dia. = 54", Wt. = 198,850 lb. Tr. Force = 42,533 lb.


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