DM&IR #1323

Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range, Class "N-5", 2-8-2 #1323

Taken Procter, Minn. Summer, 1951.

Originally #757 of Elgin, Joliet, and Eastern. Built by Lima, 1923, C/N 6695.

Note that it does not have a standard DM&IR Headlight.

Bought by D.M.& I.R. , Renumbered #1323, 1948.

Cylinders = 28" x 30", Driver Dia. = 63", Wt. = 333,000 lb. Tr. Force = 63,467 lb.


EJ&E sold 3 classes of 2-8-2s to DM&IR., built to the same blueprints by Alco, (N-4), Lima, (N-5, and Baldwin, (N-6). Except for the fact that the Baldwin engines weighed in 460 lb. heavier, they were identical.

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