DM&IR #507

Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range, Class "E-1", 2-10-2 #507

Taken Procter, Minn. Summer, 1951.

Originally #507 Duluth Missabe & Northern. Built by Alco-Brooks, 1919, C/N 60075.

Built as a USRA Light, 2-10-2 (2-10-2A).

Sister engine to #506 which was later donated to the National Railroad Museum of Green Bay, Wis. The USRA 2-10-2's were equipped with the relatively rare Southern valve gear. The Cole trailing trucks of the USRA design were replaced on the E-1's with a cast steel Delta truck. Cylinder "Snifter" valves, Elesco, bundle type,feedwater heater atop the smoke box, and mechanical lubricators are all later additions to the "E-1's". Pointed ends on the return bends of the air cooling pipes directly above and below the running board forward of the Westinghouse air compressors indicate that the pipes are actually made from superheater elements. This was a relatively common, but by no means standard practice on many railroads.

Cylinders = 27" x 32", Driver Dia. = 57", Wt. = 352,000 lb. Tr. Force = 69,600 lb.

Sold for scrap,1962

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