DM&IR #503

Duluth,Missabe, And Iron Range, Class "E", 2-10-2 #503

Taken Two Harbors, Minn. May, 13, 1951.

Originally #506 Duluth Missabe & Northern. Built by Baldwin, 1916, C/N 43412.

Sister engine to #502 which was later donated to the Museum of Transport at Kirkwood, (St. Louis), Mo, they were both part of the first group of six 2-10-2's ordered by D.M.& N. A delta trailing truck has replaced the original Hodge Truck. Cylinder "Snifter" valves, Elesco feedwater heater atop the smoke box, side mounted feedwater pump, and boiler top mountings for the air reservoirs plus a new slant front cab are all later additions to the "E's". With slightly lighter overall weight and higher tractive force than the E-1 class which followed in 1919, they were probably a bit slipperier on the rails than the E-1's .

Cylinders = 28" x 32", Driver Dia. = 60", Wt. = 346,000 lb. Tr. Force = 71,200 lb.

Sold for scrap,1962

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