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Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Ry. Locomotives as of the early 1950's

All Photos (but one) by Larry Bohn of Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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Passenger Locomotives

4-4-2 #364 4-6-2 #385 Control of the "Omaha" railroad was acquired by the Chicago and North 4-6-2 #386 Western Railroad in 1882. Besides its main lines, the Omaha had a number 4-6-2 #514 of minor lines in northern Wisconsin. The Main line went east from Hudson 4-6-2 #514,2 on the western border of the state to Elroy, Wis. where it joined the

Way Freight Locomotives

4-6-0 #106 North Western. Another line ran from Superior, South east meeting the 4-6-0 #106, 2 main line at Altoona, Wis. (just east of Eau Claire.) A third line went North 4-6-0 #240 east from Hudson to Ashland , Wis. forming an X with the Superior-Altoona line 4-6-0 #317 line which crossed at Spooner, which was the division point for both lines. . 4-6-0 #360

Time Freight Locomotives

2-8-2 #392 The 1950's "Omaha" roster of steam locomotives was strictly run of the mill 2-8-2 #409 Quality with all but a very small portion being built between 1900 and 1921 2-8-2 #420 with only 3 built after 1930. Alco. was the exclusive builder except for 2-8-2 #426 the 0-8-0's, with the Schenectady works turning out the Majority of them. 2-8-2 #437

Switching Locomotives

0-6-0 #18 0-6-0 #46 0-6-0 #85 0-8-0 #60 More on Steam Locomotives

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