1941 Handiman Jr.

1941 Handiman Jr. with home made trailer (hood missing).


Days Gone By . . . .


Pictures of DB's in their heyday

Helping dad 1948
5751 and hauling cart
Angie Toumine of Monon IN
in 1948, at age 6

Nola driving
Nola Toumine (Angie's sister)
of Monon IN in 1956
at age 5

Angie (6) and Kathryn (10)
Toumine out for a ride
in 1948

working hard
Angie and Kathryn again
in 1948
working hard

Super Power with sulky in 1953
57560 Super Power
with 57563 sulky
in 1953

Paul Waugh in 1953
Paul Waugh with
harrow-packer in
1953 or 1954

DB61BW1957a.jpg (381709 bytes)
57561 plowing the blizzard of 1957

DB61BW1957b.jpg (346143 bytes)
More 1957
snow plowing

Raymond Burkle
Raymond Burkle
in 1953
His son Paul still
has this tractor

Raymond and son, Ron
Raymond Burkle
taking Ron for a
ride in 1953

Raymond and son, Ron
Raymond Burkle
and Ron again

New 5756

New 917.5756

DB with sled in 1954
DB with sled in 1954

DB at the lake
Super 5.6 with
hauling cart down
by the lake

DB Family haul
Super 5.6 with
hauling cart loaded
with family members

DB at the dock
Super 5.6 with
hauling cart working
on the dock

DBin63.jpg (68383 bytes)
Kevin's home brew sulky circa 1963

DB with hauling cart

Loading the cart

Early Super Power
(probably a 57561)
Unknown operator

Demonstration of
DB equipment
Late 1940's

DB and hauling cart
out for a ride

1941 Handiman Jr.
pulling home made cart
(taken in 1958)

Gary Treible's early '70's plowing video

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