Paint colors and codes

I have had many questions about the proper colors for the David Bradley tractors, so I have put the information I have into this page. These suggestions come from several different sources. I do not have first hand experience with all of them, but I am relaying what has been suggested by others.


There have been several suggestions for reproducing the standard green found on most David Bradley wheels. A few of them are below. It should be noted that paint formulations have changed over the years, and the original formulation is no longer available. The best we can do is to reproduce a reasonable alternative. Experiment on your own with these colors to find the one you like.

The first, and oldest, suggestion is to mix equal parts of John Deere green and John Deere yellow, then tweak the mix to match a section of undamaged paint. Some have suggested the addition of a bit of blue or black to this mix to get the tone right.

I personally use PPG Delstar "Sun Green" acrylic enamel. The code is below:

DAR47314 SC
This is a simple one-step paint for those equipped with a compressor driven spray gun. Click on the link for the formulation.


Another suggested color is Duron Belladonna 7175A (Duraguard). I have no experience with this paint.

Spray bomb alternatives:

Plasti-kote Hot Rod Green #199
This is actually an engine enamel, available at at Wal-Mart and other automotive departments.

Dupli-color "Grabber Green" #DE1641
Also an engine enamel. I am told that this is the same paint as the Plasti-kote Hot Rod Green, but with a different label

Duetz-Allis "Spring Green"
This can be found at Tractor and implement dealers, particularly those that sold the Duetz-Allis tractors and their successors

Farm & Fleet 921 medium green
If you have a Fleet Farm store near you, this may be an alternative



The red is easier to reproduce and several options are available. The most popular seems to be a standard Massey Fergusen red or the old Farmall red. These colors are easily available in either spray bombs or enamels for spray gun application. Many collectors agree that the red that David Bradley used had a hint of orange in it. The Massey Fergusen red has just a hint more orange than the old IH Farmall red. The Martin Senour and Valspar codes below lean slightly to the orange. If you prefer a deeper red, the PPG or Dupont codes below lean more to the red.

PPG 2833

Dupont 43124

Martin Senour 42146

Valspar 333 RO76




The dark bronze color is used on the Super 3 tractors, with the exception of the 57571, which is red. The following codes have been suggested for the Bronze paint:

Sherwin Williams 35-34207-00 Medium Brown Metalic

Dupont Metallic Rose Quartz #B8842

NAPA #42176 00 Brown Metallic

Omni/au MTK 25455 Medium Brown metalic

PPG #DCC27413 Dark Copper Mettalic




A cream or yellow color is used on the Super 3 tractor wheels, with the exception of the 57571, which has the standard green wheels. The following codes have been suggested for the Cream color paint:

Omni/au brand MTK 81632A Cream

Dupont Spectra Master Yellow #YS386

NAPA Martin Senior RUF NEK Heavy Duty Cat Yellow #1/79025

Napa Martin Senior RUF NEK peanut beige/79043



Nugget Gold

The Super 300 and Super 575 tractors from 1959 through 1961 were painted Nugget Gold. I have the following code for the gold paint:

PPG Light Gold Metallic DAR26390*** H
This is a custom mixed color. Click on the link for the full formulation.



Electric Blue

The Wheels on the Super 300 and Super 575 tractors from 1959 through 1961 were painted Electric Blue. The following codes have been suggested for this blue paint:

Dupont National Fleet Blue #2009

Some have mentioned that this may be an imcomplete code. I would welcome more information if you can offer any. E-mail me at the link below.

Rustoleum Harbor Blue 7722

This may be a spray bomb alternative, but it is just a bit lighter toned than the original. It has been suggested to use a dark primer under it to make it look better.



Seaton Blue

The tractors produced 1962 and later were painted Seaton Blue with Arctic White trim.

One suggestion:
"Jade Mist" -- NAPA #99l-42187 +20 grams flattener



Arctic White

The tractors produced 1962 and later were painted Seaton Blue with Arctic White trim. I do not have a code for the Arctic White paint yet, but it is a smooth gloss white enamel.

Enter paint code


Engine Colors


Satin Black

Many of the Briggs & Stratton engines were painted satin black. Rustoleum makes a high heat Barbeque Black in a spray bomb that works well. I do not have codes for the black, but it is a simple color to reproduce.





The following paint was used by a collector restoring a 57561 Super Power for painting his Continental engine:

Plasti-kote engine enamel. New Ford Grey #216 (spray bomb)


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