Series number database

I am trying to establish a database of David Bradley model and series numbers to assist me in my research of these machines. If you would be willing to help with this project, drop me an e-mail (link below) with the following information about your tractor:

Your tractor's model number

The series number

These numbers can be found on an identification tag on the transmission of the tractor. Get more info on the tag HERE. The above two numbers are of primary interest to me, but if you are willing, the numbers off the engine tag would be of some use to me as well. It does not matter if your tractor is not a complete running machine. Even if you have only a gearcase with the tag on it, the numbers will be just as useful to me. The more numbers I can compile together, the more reliable my information will be.

I am hoping to put up a form page to collect this information soon, but in the meantime this alternative will need to suffice.

Here is a graph representing the spread of the later model series numbers I have collected so far:

Series Numbers for models 57571 to 575143

Here are the series numbers I have connected to purchase dates so far:

Series Number Date Anchors

If you can add your series number or a purchase date to this information drop me a note at


With your assistance I can make available more reliable information about these tractors to all collectors. Thank you for your help.

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