What now remains of the David Bradley factory in Bradley IL

This is what remains of the David Bradley Factory complex in Bradley IL.
A fire destroyed most of the facility in 1986.

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The Scandinavian Plowboy tears up the sod with his 5752

This site is dedicated to the David Bradley walk-behind tractor, which was manufactured for Sears by the David Bradley Corporation between 1946 and 1967. I first became aware of the David Bradley walking tractor after seeing one that a neighbor had when I was much younger. This was back in the early 70's, and even back then the one that I saw was already old and rusty. I was fascinated by the fact that it actually had "big tractor" type implements, which made it much more interesting to me than the old beat up rototiller my dad had. I didn't give it much more thought until many years after that, when a co-worker mentioned to me that his brother was cleaning out one of his out buildings and had found an old two wheeled tractor. He figured that since I was an antique engine collector, I might know someone who was interested in what to him was just scrap iron. I gladly relieved him of the burden of storing this rusty old piece, and saved him the trouble of hauling it to the junk man. That rusty hulk became the tractor you see here plowing at the Vintage Garden Tractor Club of America's annual Plowtest.

Since that time I have expanded my collection to include many different models of David Bradley tractors and implements. Part of the challenge of collecting these machines is in finding as many of the wide array of implements as possible to add to your collection. This David Bradley site is intended to be a short pictorial overview of some of the different types of tractors and implements offered by the David Bradley Corporation. I have included pictures of these machines in use, by way of both recent pictures and old photos taken when these machines were in their heyday. The accompanying links will start you on your pictorial journey.

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Plow Setup       DB's at Work       Days Gone By       Models & Features       Through the Years       Series numbers       Paint colors

For more information on the history of the David Bradley Corporation, along with technical data about the various DB lines, visit
David Bradley.Net

Gary Treible has made an extensive effort to put together an excellent source of information on the web.

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